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Here's the basic layout

Okay, here's the layout of this community. This will be dedicated to the band VAST, and making icons (note the name). Though I can't make the greatest icons in the world, I would hope that some people would join and help other people out, like my friends and me. Any way, here are the basic rules.

  • Try to stay on topic (I know how hard this can be some times)

  • Don't steal other peoples bandwidth unless it's your own site.

  • Nothing illegal (you know what I mean), and no porn

  • Don't use profanity. And if you have to, please, make it minimum.

  • No making fun of Jon Crosby, or VAST. Well, not too harsh.=P

There's the basic layout. Right now I'm going to make is so anyone and everyone can join if they want to, but don't miss-use that! I dont want to do that. So enjoy and be part of this group.

ONi AsukA
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